About us

Born out of Arabia, NOMADICA provides a wide range of fashionable, bespoke products to empower them to travel freely in the modern world in comfort, style and elegance.

The Inspiration for NOADICA came about when we noticed that every fashion seeker’s need can be fulfilled today, but one important element has been neglected – our phones. NOMADICA is the go-to place to find fashionable solutions for your phone. With NOMADICA, your phone becomes a bespoke accessory.

 The word NOMADICA evokes two different connotations today. One brings to mind the Arabian tribal lifestyle which was traditionally nomadic in nature. The other meaning refers to the modern digital nomad which brings to mind a bohemian, care-free, borderless lifestyle. At the center of both meanings is a core theme – the freedom to travel. This is what our brand stands for, and we have emerged out of the intersection of those two worlds.